WATCH: "South Park" Delivers Devastatingly Hilarious Take On the First Presidential Debate

I’ve really got to give kudos to Matt Stone and Trey Parker. They’re the dynamic duo behind the Comedy Central animated series, “South Park.”

Absolutely one of my favorite shows. It has been a hit from its debut in August of 1997, up to this day, and with good reason.

The show itself runs the gamut from ridiculous to profane, but it is always best when it is mocking culture and the absurdity of modern society.

Last season saw the residents of the fictional Colorado mountain town, South Park, take on social justice warriors, with their “safe spaces,” gentrification, and the PC police.

We’re just kicking off the new season, and it looks like Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, along with internet trolls, are the focus of Parker and Stone’s well-deserved lampooning.

For those who haven’t been keeping up, last season wound down with teacher, Mr. Garrison, growing sick of the immigrant invasion, and declaring he would build a wall between America and –


The problem was, Canada’s new PM, a hay-haired loudmouth who didn’t take the job seriously and who was the cause of many Canadians fleeing to America, had already built a wall to separate Canada from America.

Garrison’s subsequent actions (I’ll spare you further details) and bold talk gained him the nomination for the presidency.

He promptly names the lovely Caitlyn Jenner as his running mate, and off they go!

This past week’s episode centered around the rising poll numbers for Garrison/Jenner, and the realization that they just might win the presidency.

I can say without a doubt, that I watched the first debate between Garrison and his opponent, “turd sandwich” and it was breathtaking, in how perfectly it summed up the Trump candidacy and the state of the race.

Watch and enjoy, because you have to know this is where we are, right now.

You can see “South Park” on Comedy Central, every Wednesday at 10pm EST.

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