Against the Advice of His Advisers, Trump Insists on Barreling Ahead With a Campaign of Insults

Donnie “Diaper baby” Trump is incapable of maintaining any level of maturity. Being utterly humiliated on national TV by a sickly old woman, wearing a bright, red horse blanket has sent him into post-debate hysterics.


Despite warnings from fellow Republicans against insulting a beauty queen he disparaged for gaining weight and launching an attack on Hillary Clinton for her husband’s well-known infidelities, Trump is now directing his surrogates to do just that.

“Mr. Trump has never treated women the way Hillary Clinton and her husband did when they worked to destroy Bill Clinton’s accusers,” reads one of the talking points the campaign sent to surrogates on Thursday as the controversy surrounding the story of former Miss Universe Alicia Machado continued to dominate headlines of the race.

And during a rally Thursday afternoon in Bedford, N.H., Trump himself referenced the scandals of the 1990s that he’s been congratulating himself for not talking about all week. “The Clintons are the sordid past,” he said. “We will be the very bright and clean future.”

While they have a point, in regards to Bill Clinton’s lecherous past and his wife’s culpability in his abuse of his position, it’s not as if Donald Trump is an icon of chivalry, so he may not want to pull on that thread.

In fact, Trump has a long history of maltreatment of women, adultery, and is the last person to cast stones at anyone else’s marriage.

While he insists that his aides not tell people he lost (as if that changes the results), his inner circle desperately grapple over something to stop people from talking about just how abysmal and outclassed he was.


Inside Trump Tower, his inner circle of advisers has been in turmoil: while some have attempted to reach to the hard-headed candidate by suggesting to reporters that he must prepare more thoroughly for the second debate, others have spit-balled ideas aimed at changing the subject, including a last-minute trip to Israel that might replicate the more presidential optics and media saturation coverage they achieved with last month’s surprise summit with the Mexican president.

One of Trump’s closest confidants at the moment, Rudy Giuliani, said immediately after the debate that he’d advise Trump to skip the next two and on Wednesday indulged a conspiracy, propagated by a Russian state-controlled news site, that Clinton might have gotten the questions in advance. And on Thursday, campaign manager Kellyanne Conway said she had indeed told her candidate not to call women “fat pigs” but quickly tried to dismiss his insults as “beside the point” because he in fact supports women.

That’s not support. It shows a mean-spirited, unstable frame of mind.

These are also things that will turn off women voters who may have been willing to look over some of the candidate’s other shortcomings.

(Yeah, I don’t know who these women are.)


Desperate to put any sort of positive gloss on a disappointing debate performance, Trump’s campaign claimed to have seen an $18 million windfall in small-dollar online donations in the 24 hours after the debate. However, it’s not yet clear if that money is all from online contributions or how much of it will be available to Trump, as POLITCO reported Thursday.

The facts are, Trump is not disciplined. He is not serious. He will continuously find a way to shoot himself in the foot, and then he will insert that foot in his mouth.

Barely more than a month away from the election and Donald Trump is no closer to showing a willingness to run a professional campaign, but then, he’s not a “career politician” so his supporters should know that this is exactly what they asked for.


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