Trump Campaign Already Panicking Over Post-Debate Fairness

When my child was around 7 and whined about something, it was expected, because that was his maturity level.

I would expect that someone around 70 has reached a point where they no longer whine.


Well, our septuagenarian GOP nominee still displays a breathtaking level of immaturity, and it has apparently rubbed off on his staff, as the battle plan going into November seems to be to increase the cries of, “No fair! No fair!” at an accelerated pace.

“I’m worried, Mika, about not being treated fairly afterwards. I’m worried that some of the headlines are already written, that they’re conclusions in search of evidence,” Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” co-hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough in an interview Monday morning. “You saw — and others were talking about it in the earlier segment — that this weekend was spent by editorial writers and people on Twitter and elsewhere really just trying to undercut Donald Trump before the debate.”

Those same people, Conway continued, are “somehow putting the burden on the media to prop up Hillary Clinton and pregame the debate,” adding, “That’s not the role of the media.”

If the primaries taught us anything, it’s that Trump’s loyal followers will rush to online polls and flood them before the debate is even over, declaring him the winner.

Smart money, however, will lay its bet on the true concern being that Trump, notoriously lax on facts and actual policy knowledge, has spent more time late-night tweeting and being unserious about this campaign than he has spent preparing.

Tonight, he will look like an utter fool, because he will not have a moderator who has been told by his boss to allow Trump to run the debate like a WWE wrestling promo.


Hillary Clinton, possibly the worst, most damaged candidate the Democrats could have offered, will only need to sit back and maintain her composure. Trump will torpedo himself.

But Trump’s biggest problem Monday night will be what Barack Obama said during his bitter 2008 primary battle against Clinton: that she’ll say anything to get elected, Conway said.

“So if she ends up saying to him, ‘That’s just not true, you’re distorting my record, you’re being mean to a woman,’ and then people will say, ‘He was mean to a woman,’ and the headlines will scream and Twitter will blow up — even if it’s not true,” she said. “So that would be my concern, that he’s not able to get out all of his responses because, as Joe correctly points out, people are so worried that she’s not a great debater, that she’s not really ready for tonight the way he is, that she’s going to try to interrupt him and confuse the people watching in such a way that he was somehow rude to a woman and he somehow lied on the stage.”

You mean like the primaries?

Again, Trump doesn’t need help from anyone else to blow this.

Expect tonight to be a deer-caught-in-headlights moment for Trump. It’s put up or shut up, and he’s incapable of doing either.


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