Trump Threatens to Place Figure From Clinton's Past in the Audience at the Debates

Well, so much for the Mr. Nice Guy approach that Trump had previously suggested would be his tact at the first debate with Hillary Clinton.

The news that Clinton’s camp would have fellow billionaire and Trump antagonist, Mark Cuban sitting on the front row at Monday’s debate has set off the usual Trump charm.


While a part of me gets the giggles at the thought of Hillary Clinton having to perform, while her husband’s paramours and victims look on, the adult in me recognizes that this is a distraction from the very real issues the nation faces, and is just more of the Trump Travelling Freak Show.

Make no mistake. Bill Clinton was unscrupulous and his wife is the worst kind of cold, calculating, power mad politician.

That doesn’t make this right.

Trump will have enemies lists.

This is another peek at that.


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