ELITISM: Trump's Unusually Timed Boast of Using Other People's Money May Come Back to Bite Him

Yesterday, streiff brought you the report of Donald Trump using his foundation’s funds to pay off personal debts.

Today, the Hill is giving a brief glimpse into the attitude that would perpetrate what, to normal citizens, would seem like chicanery, in the least, or outright corruption, at the worst.


Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Tuesday bragged about using other people’s money.

“It’s called OPM. I do it all the time in business. It’s called other people’s money,” Trump said,according to CNN.

“There’s nothing like doing things with other people’s money because it takes the risk — you get a good chunk out of it and it takes the risk.”


He was actually referring to having Gulf states finance the building of safe zones in Syria, but as he said, he does it all the time in business. That these remarks followed the report revealing his use of $250,000 of his charitable foundations money to pay off lawsuits against his for-profit businesses (as well as to purchase luxury items and portraits of himself) show an amazing lack of self-awareness.

Or remorse.

This is a man whose elitist attitude has been buoyed by the fawning attention of his Branch Trumpidian loyalists. He feels untouchable. He can do no wrong. He’s entitled and he’ll never have to pay the piper.

Do you think the Clinton Crime Family are arrogant and see themselves as above the law?


You ain’t seen nothing, yet.

Trump is making Hillary Clinton fight for every vote. This thing could go either way.

My hope is that a strong third party showing disrupts that particular apple cart and neither get a mandate from the people.

However, if that doesn’t happen and we unbelievably end up with a reality TV star and slime-dipped Manhattan bully has president, expect to see so much scandal and corruption on our spiral to oblivion, that it outpaces the Nixon, Clinton, and Obama presidencies for scandal in record time.

A corrupt man doesn’t change his stripes when he’s given more power, as a general rule. He just becomes more corrupt. The people who have supported this man need to keep that in mind.


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