Trump Campaign Manager: Don't Call Him Thin-Skinned

Kellyanne Conway, new campaign manager for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, speaks to reporters in the lobby of Trump Tower in New York, Wednesday, Aug. 17, 2016. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

Well, bless her heart.

Kellyanne Conway, the deluded campaign manager of Donald Trump, spoke out on CBS’ “Face the Nation” today, in defense of her candidate.

In this instance, Conway was defending against charges of Trump’s temperament. Specifically, his rants against former Defense Secretary Robert Gates.


Gates had earlier voiced strong opposition to both candidates, but said specifically of Trump that he was “beyond repair.”

It’s not like he was wrong.

Trump, in all his Trumpidian glory, took to his favorite vehicle for communication – Twitter – and in the fashion of elder statesmen and diplomats everywhere, called Gates “dopey” and said that he was a “total disaster.”

Said Conway:

“Mr. Trump has the right to do that. He’s attacked by people who have never met him, who haven’t given a thoughtful look to his plans, which, of course, are out there for everyone to see,” Conway.

She’s assuming a lot. How does she know that Gates hasn’t done what the rest of us have done – looked at what Trump has put out there for everyone to see and deemed him an incompetent, unserious, disastrous joke of a candidate?

No. When he goes on Twitter to call men of distinction, “dopey,” it’s not that he’s thin skinned. There’s a rational reason, and “dopey” certainly is evidence of an advanced vocabulary and grasp of higher language skills.


Isn’t it?

“Mr. Trump has a right to defend himself from people who I don’t think are looking at the substance of his plans. They’re just judging someone they’ve never met.”

Because this is an election. Because the seat of the presidency will have profound effects on the lives of Americans, and also, the world stage. Because this isn’t reality TV or pro wrestling.

There comes a time when judging is absolutely necessary. Could someone get the message to Ms. Conway that in the case of politics, it’s actually called “vetting”?

And yes, her candidate is thin skinned. Not exactly the quality you want in world leaders.



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