NC Gov. McCrory May Allow Vote on Repealing the Controversial Bathroom Bill - BUT He Has Conditions

I’ve been trying to keep you all abreast of the ongoing struggle between common sense and decency, versus social justice warriors and the encroaching cultural rot into the great state of North Carolina.


North Carolina’s Governor Pat McCrory has been an absolute rock, when it comes to standing up for the rights of women and children in North Carolina to be comfortable and safe in the places where they might otherwise feel most vulnerable – bathrooms and locker rooms around the state.

On Friday, a new twist was introduced into the ongoing drama.

A group representing restaurants and hotels said Friday that it has been working behind the scenes to broker a deal that could lead to the repeal of House Bill 2, but there’s no guarantee anything will come from the effort.

Lynn Minges, president and chief executive of the North Carolina Restaurant & Lodging Association, said her group has “received assurances” from legislative leaders that the General Assembly is prepared to meet in special session as early as next week to repeal House Bill 2, provided that the Charlotte City Council first repeals a local ordinance that requires businesses to allow transgender people to use the public restroom of their choosing.

The pressure from businesses like PayPal, has-been and barely-were musical acts, and in the latest blow, from the ACC and NCAA has mounted to a level that it would be hard for the North Carolina General Assembly, as well as Governor McCrory, who is battling to earn a second term, to completely ignore.

Josh Ellis, a spokesman for Gov. Pat McCrory, said not only would the Charlotte ordinance need to be repealed, but legislative leaders would have to confirm they had enough votes to repeal House Bill 2 before the governor would call the General Assembly into a special session.

“For the last nine months, the governor has consistently said state legislation is only needed if the Charlotte ordinance remains in place,” Ellis said in an email.


And that’s the point.

The NCAA has had a good relationship with North Carolina sports (Go Heels!) for decades, with segregated-by-gender bathrooms in all the schools, and all the arenas, to go along with the segregated-by-gender NCAA-sanctioned teams.

For this to suddenly be an issue in an election year, when North Carolina has its first Republican governor in 20 years smacks of partisan hackery.

It’s also blackmail and a strong arm tactic to force an entire state into compliance with an agenda and a lifestyle that the majority of its citizens do not support.

While HB2 passed the emergency session of the General Assembly back in March with overwhelming support, there have been some state Republican lawmakers with spines of marshmallow fluff, who have joined Democrats in calling for a repeal of HB2.

Remember these names:

  • Senator Tamara Barringer (R-Wake)
  • Gary Pendleton (R-Wake)
  • Senator Rick Gunn (R-Alamance)
  • Jon Hardister (R-Guilford)
  • Senator Jeff Tarte (R-Mecklenburg)
  • John Bradford (R-Mecklenburg)

Lawmakers tried this summer to convince the Charlotte City Council to repeal its anti-discrimination ordinance, saying that would have to happen before they would consider a repeal of House Bill 2, but the council rejected that deal.

Rep. Chris Sgro, D-Guilford, denounced the push for Charlotte to repeal its anti-discrimination ordinance. Sgro, who also heads LGBT advocacy group Equality North Carolina, urged Charlotte leaders to keep the local law in place, noting that more than 100 other cities nationwide have similar protections on the books.


They do not want compromise.

They do not want equality.

They want dominance and compliance. The comfort and safety of your wives, mothers, daughters, and sisters mean nothing. They will be sacrificed on the altar of political correctness and the LGBT agenda. Period.

There have been multiple reports in regards to what happens when businesses and schools allow for this “gender neutral” insanity to go on, unchecked.

Here’s a hint: It doesn’t go well for the women being stripped of their privacy by these institutions.

The Charlotte City Council began this entire morass. They opened up the state to attacks from outsiders, based on the subversive worldview of a handful of liberals sitting in those city positions.

Now they refuse to move, which means they openly welcome the attacks on the state, all because their fringe politics are more important than the state, as a whole.

With that in mind, McCrory and the NC General Assembly should weather the storm.

Right now, McCrory has the distinction of being one of the only – if not the only – conservative governors to not bend to threats and pressure brought on by the moral relativism of the left.

He has a solid economic record to stand on. He has endorsements from every law enforcement organization in the state, as well as small business groups. Economists continually tout the growth and positive upswing of the state, all because of McCrory’s leadership.

This one thing is very small in the overall outlook for North Carolina, with McCrory sitting in the Governor’s seat in Raleigh, but it is being pushed hard by his do-nothing Democrat opponent, Attorney General Roy Cooper, and the outside groups supporting him.


They have an agenda that has nothing to do with the good of North Carolinians.

This is a hill to die on, because it’s the right thing, and as politics is very much a contact sport, there will be some blood left on the field.

Perhaps, if McCrory and the NC General Assembly remain stoic and hold to their conditions for repeal, other states will take notice and stop letting fringe groups bully them into compliance, against the best interests of their citizens.


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