What Has Donald Trump in a Tweet Storm This Time?

Frothing and near-illiterate. That is our GOP nominee.

On Saturday, Donald Trump began his maniacal tweet storm early. This go around, his target was the New York Times.


On Saturday, the Times published a story digging into Trump’s reliance on tax breaks to build his New York real estate empire. It put the total value of tax breaks on Trump properties at at least $885 million.

Apparently, Trump took issue to the claim.

Notice, he didn’t say it wasn’t true. He just doesn’t want anybody talking about it.

What’s more, I don’t get the “irresponsible intent” reference.

Is he saying they were intentionally irresponsible, or does he not know the difference between “intent” and “content.”

Either way, I suspect it’s going to be a long night of rabid tweeting in the Trump household tonight.


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