Paranoia: Trump's Odd Reason for Preferring Fast Food

When Trump appeared on Dr. Oz this week, it was revealed that he had high cholesterol and was a bit overweight for his height.

One of the things that is known about Trump is that he likes fast food – not exactly the heart healthy way to go, especially if you’re elderly.

Now, I’m not one to slam anybody about eating fast food. I eat far too much of it, myself.

Then again, if I had the means to hire a personal nutritionist and cook, that’s what I would do.

All that aside, why is it that Trump, at his age, prefers fast food?

The billionaire businessman said restaurants have reputations to uphold and no matter where he goes in the country, everything is made the same way. Additionally, Trump warned that because of his notoriety, he prefers knowing what to expect in food in case someone tries to poison him.

“If they say Mr. Trump would like a hamburger to go … if they like you, OK,” Trump said. “But if they don’t – now I don’t know what they’re going to do to that hamburger.”

So he’s afraid of having his food poisoned, like Emperor Claudius (who also had an affinity for younger women and incest, but I digress).

Trump gets credit for noting that if someone doesn’t like him, he can’t know what they might do to his food.

There are enough stories out there of bad behavior behind the counter and with the food being served to customers that we all should be a little wary.

Maybe if Trump wins the White House, he can get Sean Hannity a job as his official food taster?

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