Arizona Senator Flake Unfazed by Trump's Insults

On Sunday, Leon wrote about Donald Trump’s inability to go an entire month without attacking Republicans.

Trump went diaper-baby on Arizona Senator Jeff Flake, after hearing that Flake could not support him in November.


Several tweets referred to Senator Flake as being weak and ineffective.

Senator Flake, who said he also will not be supporting Hillary Clinton, has fired back at Trump.

Flake insisted that Clinton’s confidence about her chances in Arizona are due to Trump’s inability (or unwillingness) to put forth any serious solutions.

“What Trump has been willing to do is say terrible things about women, mock the disabled, disparage minorities, impugn the character of POWs, and go after the Gold Star parents of a fallen U.S. soldier,” Flake said, referring to multiple incidents throughout the presidential campaign.

“I’m not OK with that, and I’m going to keep speaking out until he changes the tone of his campaign. If he refuses to do so, Republicans will lose a lot more than the election in November,” Flake warned.

The powers-that-be with the Republican party would be wise to listen to Senator Flake.

Character still matters.


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