Philippine President Duterte to President Obama: I Will Cuss You Out

President Barack Obama speaks about the Baton Rouge, La., shooting of police officers, Sunday, July 17, 2016, from the briefing room of the White House in Washington. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

Thug life.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has warned President Barack Obama not to question him about extrajudicial killings, or “son of a b*tch I will swear at you” when they meet in Laos during a regional summit.

Duterte said Monday before flying to Laos that he is a leader of a sovereign country and is answerable only to the Filipino people.

He said Obama must be respectful and not just throw questions at him, or else, “son of a b*tch, I will swear at you in that forum.”



Duterte made his tough guy statements to a reporter, when asked how he would answer any questions put forth about the extrajudicial killings of 2,000 suspected drug pushers and users in the Philippines, since he took office at the end of June. This has been a part of Duterte’s war on drugs.

President Obama takes a much lighter view on the drug trade and has, in recent weeks, granted the release of hundreds of drug offenders, some with weapons charges, in addition to the drug charges, because he deemed their initial sentences to be too strict.

Whatever the case, Duterte stands on the opposite end of the spectrum and is making it known that he won’t be preached at by any outside leader.

Obama was due to meet Duterte in Laos this week for a gathering of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

He’s now asking his aides if meeting with Duterte would be wise, under the circumstances.


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