Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Has a Warning for America

For quite a bit of time, I’ve been of the belief that one of the more pressing issues this nation has to deal with is in regards to the border and border security.


For Branch Trumpidians, they have stressed that for this reason, Trump should be a natural fit for me.

Yeah. No.

Trump has a point, but he’s the wrong one to make it. Angry rhetoric, compounded by sweeping generalities, all well-peppered with insults and degradation are not policy.

You actually have to know a bit about the logistics, including policy and solvability. Spitting invectives should be a last resort. With Trump, it’s all he’s got.

With that in mind, you won’t likely find me quoting former Mexican President Vicente Fox often. The man was complicit in years of facilitating the problem our nation now has at the border. It was easier for him to export his problem, rather than to work with the U.S. to make trade and our current immigration system work in what was a more mutually beneficial (and legal) manner.

Then again, the setup of our current immigration system is kind of whack, as well.

Fox, in this instance, made a relevant point about Trump’s photo-op visit to Mexico yesterday.

“He comes to Mexico, he plays a totally different music, very diplomatic, very easy and soft talk. Very non-content. No content at all,” Fox remarked. “And he comes back to the States and then he comes back to his very old now message. Relying his whole campaign on that wall is incredible. The most gigantic nation in the world, which is the United States, the largest by far economy is based on building a wall. That cannot be a presidential campaign.”

Fox warned of the economic impact “of this nonsense of building a wall,” remarking that “Mexico contributes at least with 10 million U.S. jobs for U.S. citizens for those who are backing up Trump.”

“Mexico provides those jobs. So if we have to quit our relationship because he is proposing that, the first loser is the same United States. And of course, Mexico has where to replace, where to go, to work to rebuild, we can go to many places in the world and many economies that are successful,” Fox said. “Really here, my message is, please wake up, America. You have everything to lose and nothing to win with this false prophet.”


I’m going to put this out there, so just bear with me:

We can’t really say, as a nation, that we’re so smart that we can blow off Fox as some little Podunk-nation leader.

I am absolutely in love with my country. I can’t imagine being anywhere else, and I will defend the glory of American exceptionalism to my last breath.

However, Fox was right, and the fact that people like Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton can be in the position they are is an astounding testament to just how many uninformed and intellectually lazy people there are in this nation, who vote.

And if it’s not idiocy or laziness, then it’s weakness, because they have no will to stand on what is right and fight for the soul of this nation. They’d rather trust a system that has failed us than to take a chance.

Fox went on to compare Trump to Herbert Hoover, and it’s a comparison that others have made with quite a bit of clarity.

“It’s stupid, this whole idea. I don’t know why we discuss it so long and so frequently,” Fox said. “This guy is absolutely crazy.”

Peña Nieto made a “historic mistake” by not being more emphatic that Mexico would not pay for the wall, Fox continued.

And Trump, Fox remarked, is “showing himself as he is, a liar. He is a liar. He’s lying to U.S. voters, to U.S. followers, and he came to Mexico to lie to Mexican people.”

“He is totally wrong around his economic ideas. He remembers [sic] me of President Hoover,” he said. “He came with exactly the same proposals. To isolate the United States. To tax imports from abroad and to limit companies and corporations to invest abroad. And then the big depression came. This is what U.S. voters, followers of Trump have to read. They have to learn about this. And this is what will happen.”


Vicente Fox isn’t my favorite person in the world, but when the man is right, he’s right.

For as delicate as our border situation is, we require somebody with a more firm and reasoned hand. We don’t have that in either Trump or Clinton.


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