Is Governor Rick Perry Preparing to Make a Run at Ted Cruz's Senate Seat?

So let’s settle some rumors.

Rumor #1 is about Governor Rick Perry’s appearance on ABC’s dance-themed reality show, Dancing With The Stars.

For starters, and by now, everyone knows it’s true.


The former Texas governor will be competing against celebrities like Vanilla Ice, and Olympic swimmer, Ryan Lochte.

How does he think he will do?

“I’m probably the least-experienced dancer that’s going to be on this program,” he told The Texas Tribune of his selection as a contestant on “Dancing with the Stars.”

“My bet is, if you ranked them from top to bottom, I’d be at the bottom, both in experience and in training or anything else,” Perry said Tuesday.

“There were a lot of people that were surprised, including my wife,” Perry said.

“We got contacted about six weeks ago and asked if I would be interested,” he said of how the casting came to pass. “My first response was not really, this was way outside of my silo of my interests, knowledge, experience.”

So why risk the embarrassment?

“I really gave it some thought about what do I want to do? Why would I be interested in doing this? It’s a lot of work. It’s a real commitment.”

He said he decided to do the show because it would put him — and his interest in veterans — in front of “an audience that I probably would never be able to get in front of.”

Perry, an Air Force veteran, said he would talk on the show “about the reason we get to do all the fun and cool things we do in America is because somebody is sacrificing along the way — men and women in the uniform.”


This is also a really cool way to get in some dance lessons before his daughter, Sydney’s Fall wedding.

So what about rumor #2?

Apparently, there are people who believe Perry is preparing to challenge Senator Ted Cruz for his Senate seat in 2018.

That particular rumor started when Trump began his campaign to destroy Cruz for what he saw as a slight at the GOP convention in July.

Trump did what Trump does… he sought to cause turmoil and to divide the Republican party by suggesting a week ago that Perry could run against Cruz and win his Senate seat.

Breitbart picked up the rumor and ran with it, ever anxious to do the bidding of their comb-over potentate. No truth required.

The next thing you know, everybody is talking about it and you can’t convince anybody that it’s just a rumor.

Governor Perry endorsed Cruz in the primaries after his own bid failed.

When presented with the rumor, Perry answers:

“In the political world, my experience has been almost exclusively as an executive,” Perry said. “Agriculture commissioner … lieutenant governor … which you have your foot in both the executive branch and the legislative branch. And then governor for 14 years.”

“That’s my strength, that is what I enjoy doing, that is not the talents required for the United States Senate,” he said. “My preference of what’s next for Rick Perry is not to be in the United States Senate.”


So it would seem rumor #2 is false.

Lesson to be learned here?

Perry is having fun. Let him. If it brings attention to veterans’ issues, as he hopes, then it will all be worth it.

Also, if it comes out of that gaping maw of Trump’s and is later parroted by Breitbart, it is very likely a load of bull.


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