VP Pick Pence is Sent Out to Trumpsplain the Recent Reports of Trump's Immigration Flip-Flop

My threshold of sympathy for Mike Pence has pretty much hit its limit, at this point.

No, seriously. I would have been willing to look at any halfway decent conservative option as VP in the Trump Traveling Freak Show and almost had some hope that they could at least hold their own when the real blowback of this colossal electoral mistake hit.


Pence says he’s not the cleanup man for Trump.

He’s not.

He’s something more pitiful: First “Yes man” in a long train of traitorous rabble. He’s not there to try and add some maturity and balance to the ticket. He’s there to make excuses.

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence said Wednesday that Donald Trump would make good on his promise to build a wall on the southwestern U.S. border, but told voters to “stay tuned” to Trump’s upcoming immigration speech to hear other aspects of Trump’s plan.

Pence said in a radio interview that Trump would “very quickly” deport illegal immigrants who commit crimes once he is president. But he left wiggle room on what to do with millions of other illegal immigrants already in the country. That uncertain comes as Trump has indicated a change in tone from the campaign on whether all 11 million illegal immigrants should be deported.

If they’re “illegal,” haven’t they already committed a crime?

Trump is backing off of the very platform that earned him his cult leader status, and Pence is trying to make flip-flopping seem hip.

“Individuals who have committed crimes in this country are going to go, and they’re going to go very quickly to be processed for a justice system and out of this country,” Pence said. “Beyond that, I just think, stay tuned. Another one of these major speeches is coming up, Donald Trump will address the issue of immigration. I guarantee you he’s going to be a man of his word.”


That’s the problem, Governor Pence. He’s said so many words, nobody really knows which ones he actually means.

The wise choice is to fall back on past actions, as an indicator of future intentions. With that in mind, we see a man who has repeatedly cheated creditors (as well as wives), has a string of failed businesses, and committed fraud on numerous occasions.

There’s also that matter of his postponing those immigration speeches, due to “fine tuning” the message.

You’re starting to sound desperate, Governor.

“Securing our borders, enforcing our laws and whatever else we do will be tough but fair, and it will reflect the kind of compassion and humanity the American people would expect and, frankly, that proceeds out of this good man,” he added.

You lost me when you said, “this good man.” We have no evidence, whatsoever, to back that claim up.

Do better with your life, Governor Pence.



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