LISTEN: Donald Trump Allegedly Discussed Making the White House the New Set For "The Apprentice"

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Do any of you remember the story posted here at RedState last week, where obnoxious filmmaker, Michael Moore discussed a source who told him Trump’s entry into the presidential race was a play for leverage for his reality TV show?


For those with doubts, maybe re-read that, then read this.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump reportedly discussed with an NBC executive continuing “The Apprentice” reality show from the White House if he were elected president, long before he launched his bid.

Are those pieces of a very ugly puzzle coming together?

This may or may not have been the source Moore referenced. He didn’t give any indication, but now we have more than just a single person making similar comments about Trump’s motivations.

Sarah Ellison, a contributing editor with Vanity Fair, first spoke about these reported plans in June, but somehow, nobody noticed.

Maybe I’ll have to start reading Vanity Fair. Is it awful?

Ellison suggests that the strategy to turn a White House run into a new reality TV format was discussed between Trump and his son-in-law, Jared Kushner. It may also be the impetus for bringing in people like Steve Bannon and Roger Ailes.


“That is the main takeaway here is that Trump doesn’t distinguish between what an audience would be, that you can actually monetize, and what the political electorate is, that would actually go out and vote for someone.”

I remember my reaction to seeing Trump’s announcement that he was entering the race. I said, out loud, “This isn’t a presidential campaign. This is a Saturday Night Live skit.”

I was close. It was just another reality TV show.

You can listen to the audio of Ellison discussing what supposedly went on behind the scenes here, from The Hill.



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