WATCH: Trump Special Counsel in Arrogant Denial Over Trump's Pitiful Poll Numbers

Everybody point and laugh.

That whole spiel about Trump hiring only the “best” people seems to wear more and more thin with every passing day.

Those polls that Trump and his people clung to as if they were the Holy Grail during the primaries have become decidedly unimportant during the run up to the general election, it seems.

Michael Cohen, special counsel to Donald Trump, on Wednesday seemed to reject the consistent polling that shows his candidate is trailing Hillary Clinton during an appearance on CNN.

“Says who?” said Cohen when told by host Brianna Keilar that Trump was behind.

“Polls. Most of them. All of them,” Keilar replied.

You would think Cohen would have been better prepared for that. The following silence was rather uncomfortable, and the look of defiance on Cohen’s face is par for the course with Trump’s entire campaign model, as he has steadfastly proclaimed that ignorance is bliss.

“And your question is?” he concluded.

The man is as dense as his boss.

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