Trump Surrogate Says Something So Dumb It Borders on Parody

Trump Surrogate Says Something So Dumb It Borders on Parody

If this were a bad acid trip from the 70s, I doubt things would seem any more bizarre.

We’re in a campaign season where voters have a choice between the most corrupt, secretive, scandal-burdened candidate in Democrat history.

On the other side, a reality TV joke, who knows little, but promises much, and surrounds himself with shady operators and absolute dull wits, like this embarrassment:

“The voters want someone that’s gonna fight back because they are tired of seeing left-wing reporters literally beat Trump supporters into submission into supporting policies they don’t agree with,” Pierson told Fox Business Network. “It just shuts them down and that’s not what they’re seeing in this campaign.”

Every time Katrina Pierson opens her mouth, you can literally see another brain cell committing hara-kiri.

For the record, there have been no incidents of reporters from left-leaning outlets engaging in acts of violence against Trump supporters, or using any acts of intimidation, in order to influence their vote.

All this, and she’s still smarter than her boss.

Pierson said Trump’s tweets show a candidate who, unlike the past two Republican presidential nominees, is willing to fight back to ensure that his side of the story gets told.

“It is no secret that the media definitely skews left. However, I think this cycle many people will agree that it’s above-and-beyond over-the-top when it comes to Mr. Trump and his campaign, and I think that’s Mr. Trump’s way of fighting back,” she said. “The last two presidential cycles we had Republican candidates that just sat there and took a beating and Mr. Trump isn’t gonna do that.”

What Trump’s tweets show is that he spends too much time on Twitter and not enough time in serious study about issues that will directly affect this nation.

They also show a dangerous mindset, in regards to our nation’s freedoms, as mapped out in the Constitution.

As for the past two Republican candidates for the presidency, it shows that the RNC and media have a vested interest in pushing unelectable candidates. That being said, either McCain or Romney, underwhelming, as they were, would be heavenly, in comparison to what we’re facing now.

Trump is stuck on stupid, saying things that will sink his campaign, and likely drag the down ballot contests down with him. His comments last week about Obama being the founder of ISIS was one of his more sedate gaffes.

Pierson’s rhetoric also got her in trouble last week when she blamed Obama for going into Afghanistan — an invasion that occurred under President George W. Bush in 2001. Pierson told the Texas Tribune that an earpiece during her interview with CNN was to blame. (Trump similarly blamed a “lousy earpiece” for at one point refusing to disavow the Ku Klux Klan during a CNN interview.)

“I obviously meant to say Syria and not Afghanistan,” Pierson told the Tribune.

Which makes perfect sense, because having difficulty hearing would naturally lead her to say Afghanistan was Obama’s war, rather than Syria.

That’s literally how that works in the real world.


Pierson mockingly tweeted: “The world nearly came to an end when I said Afghanistan & meant to say Syria. It’s not like I said 57 states.” Her tweet included a nerd-face emoji and the hashtag “#bias.

A more appropriate hashtag would have been #Dumb.

Trump has boasted that he has the best people around him. If Pierson is any indication, there’s nothing about this man’s judgment that should give anyone any sense of confidence that should he make it to the White House, he would buffer himself by employing trustworthy or knowledgeable people.



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