70-Year Old Trump Questions Clinton's Physical Strength to Take On ISIS (VIDEO)

Earlier, I posted about the idiocy of Trump surrogate Katrina Pierson, saying liberal media outlets were literally beating Trump supporters.

I have to offer this mild defense of Ms. Pierson’s anemic intellect: Her boss is just as moronic.

While contrasting himself with the former secretary of state, Trump said Clinton is too weak to deal with the Islamic State and the myriad other challenges Americans face.

“[Clinton] lacks the mental and physical stamina to take on ISIS and all of the many adversaries we face — not only in terrorism, but in trade [and] in every other challenge we must confront to turn our country around,” he told the crowd.

Because U.S. presidents routinely engage in hand-to-hand combat with enemy forces abroad.

Not to suggest that I believe Hillary Clinton is fit on any level to be president.

She’s not.

That being said, for 70-year old Trump, who lacks even the most basic knowledge about trade, foreign affairs, and the Constitution to cast any aspersions at Clinton without sweeping around his own back doorstep first is ludicrous.

The facts are, both candidates are unfit on levels never seen before in this nation.

Both are older adults, who should likely be enjoying basket weaving and incontinence at some high-end, New York retirement village.

As for the mental aspect, while Clinton is certainly no Rhodes scholar, she’s not dumb, either. She’s just so corrupt that you can’t get past the slimey, outer layer, in order to see that in another life, with a human soul, she might have had a chance at being a worthwhile person.

Trump, however, is a screeching, unhinged wad of stupid – so completely steeped in the juices of his own idiocy that he’s willing to ride that Crazy Train at full speed into the nearest brick wall, and he’s taking America with him.

If Trump and his surrogates can’t abstain from saying things that make no sense, maybe they should stop talking, all together.

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