Trump's Former Campaign Manager Signs With Speakers Agency, Despite Nondisclosure Agreement

The pugnacious little hobbit who formerly served as Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, has a new gig.

According to a report from POLITICO, Leading Authorities, a Washington-based talent agency, has posted a release, stating that they will be taking on Lewandowski as a client.


In a bio page on the website, the firm calls Lewandowski “bold and unapologetically aggressive,”

(vicious niblet)

and promises that his speeches will take audiences “behind the scenes of the Trump campaign to showcase how it has been singularly successful in tapping into shifting public opinion to devise a winning campaign strategy from the ground up.”

(Except it never got past the primary stages and ultimately there is no winning strategy.)

But Lewandowski’s ability to divulge behind-the-scenes details might be limited by the “strict confidentiality agreement” he acknowledged signing with Trump as a condition of his employment on the campaign.

That same agreement should have kept Lewandowski from taking a job with CNN as a paid commentator, but it didn’t.

But then, why should it? He has used his position with CNN to continue to stump for his old boss.

Leading Authorities’ website calls Lewandowski “a larger than life persona who’s not afraid to ‘go there,’” and promises that he will reveal to audiences “how he tapped into voter emotion and emerging political strategies to do the unthinkable.”

(Likely one of very few times Lewandowski has been referred to as “larger” than anything.)

Lewandowski had no political experience and basically put Trump on cruise control, allowing him to do whatever and say whatever he wanted, counting on the free media publicity as a campaign strategy.


It worked during the primaries, in a crowded field, where the rest were carrying out normal campaigns. Trump appealed to those voters that didn’t want to have to think that hard about their choices and who could be easily led by angry rhetoric.

Going from the primary to the general required actual work, however, and neither Lewandowski or Trump were prepared, so Lewandowski was ousted in favor of the alleged Russian mob fixer, Paul Manafort.

The website indicates that Lewandowski can be booked as a solo speaker or “paired with a Democratic colleague.” The firm’s roster of political speakers also includes interim Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Donna Brazile and former Obama aides Anita Dunn and Stephanie Cutter, as well as GOP figures Alex Conant, Ed Gillespie, Dana Perino and Nicolle Wallace.

I can’t be sure, but if you want to be manhandled by Lewandowski, that may cost you extra.



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