Hey, Christians: Trump Says Winning the White House Will Get Him to Heaven

Image by Gage Skidmore via Flickr Creative Commons, https://www.flickr.com/photos/gageskidmore/5440388253

As if to further cement his mockery of Christian voters, Trump met with Christian leaders in Orlando, Florida and basically equated worldly power as the price of admission to Heaven.


“For evangelicals, for the Christians, for the everybody, for everybody of religion, this will be, may be, the most important election that our country has ever had,” Trump told a “Pastors in the Pews” meeting of evangelical leaders in Orlando. “And once I get in, I will do my thing that I do very well. And I figure it is probably, maybe the only way I’m going to get to heaven. So I better do a good job.”

Trump told the assembled evangelicals that he desperately needed their help in order to win the White House in November, calling on the pastors to get out the vote in their congregation. He said he needed the help especially in swing states like Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania, where Trump said religious voters could swing the entire election his way.

“…I will do my thing that I do very well.” – I have no idea what that means. Is he talking about adultery? Bankruptcy? Cheating the little man and creditors out of their pay?

Either way, those won’t get him to Heaven, and if those Christian leaders who were witness to this talk in Orlando didn’t feel uneasy after listening to his word salad, then I don’t know if it’s a case of a dulled heart and discernment, or if they just don’t care.


In pandering to the religious right, Trump has repeatedly promised to repeal the Johnson Amendment, which keeps pastors from promoting candidates from the pulpit. This meeting was no different, as he spent the first 40 minutes or so, doing just that.

He also mentioned his difficulty breaking through in Utah and with Mormons, who rightly view him with suspicion.

He pointed a finger at Christians who did not turn out to vote for Mitt Romney in 2012.

“Honestly, you did not vote for Romney. Had you voted for Romney, it would have been much closer,” he said. “You did not vote for Romney. Evangelicals, religion, did not get out and vote. And I don’t know why. Whatever the reason, I’m not sure why.”

If I’m decoding his bizarre speech patterns correctly, he’s asking why Christians didn’t get out and vote for Romney (for some, it was because they don’t trust Mormons, and for others, it was because Romney is, at best, a moderate squish).

He does have a point, however. Romney would have been a far-sight better than Obama, and those same Christians that wouldn’t vote for a Mormon are flocking to vote for a foul-mouthed, abusive con man, who is neither Mormon or Christian, and displays nothing resembling Christian faith or principles.


“You have to get the people in your churches. You have to get them to go out and vote. Whether you have bus drives, do whatever you have to do,” Trump said. “You have a chance to do something that will be Earth shaking. I literally mean it. Earth shaking. You’ve got to get your people out to vote.”

Literally Earth shaking.

Again, he may have a point, as I am just about convinced that if Christians betray their faith and vote for this man, the earth may very well open up and swallow them all.



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