Sean Hannity Descends Into Utter Denial Over Trump's Polling

Image by Gage Skidmore via Flickr Creative Commons

The most useless waste of an hour that Fox News could possibly offer up – Sean Hannity – has upped the ante on his suckage.

It’s like he and Eric Bolling are in a competition to score points as the ultimate Trump bootlick.


At this point, Hannity’s family should be feeling deep pangs of shame and embarrassment.

So what latest mind-numbing nugget of vagary is Hannity engaged in?

It seems he has a message for all the other Trumplings, who may be distressed over Trump’s cratering poll numbers.

He has chosen to eschew the numbers of more reliable polls, in favor of the Gateway Pundit nonsense, as mentioned here this past weekend.

From Hannity’s own site:

As we’ve seen recently with Reuters, presidential polls cannot always be trusted.

So for anyone who’s been disheartened by the post-convention bump for Hillary Clinton, the Gateway Pundit has some uplifting numbers for you:

The website reports that analysis from the two candidates’ social media accounts could mean Donald Trump will win in a landslide.

Consider the two candidates’ Facebook accounts: Trump has over 10 million “likes” while Hillary has just over 5 million.


Stop laughing. That’s an actual excerpt from his actual website.

How about when the two candidates live stream their events? Trump averages 30,000 live viewers per stream while Clinton receives on average, a measly 500 viewers.

And on Reddit, “Hillary for Prison” has more than double the subscribers (55,000) than the actual Hillary Clinton page does (24,000).

This is an entirely new level of seat sniffing for Sean Hannity. If anyone ever had any lingering shreds of respect for the man, I’m not sure how those remain, at this point.

Mr. Hannity, you are pathetic, sir.


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