(Audio) GOP Congressman Admits Trump May Bring Bad Change, But He's Still Supporting Him

I remember saying this a lot in 2008: Because going from bad to worse is still “change.”

I didn’t mean it to become a mantra for the 2016 election.

Republican Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie defended his support for Donald Trump in a radio interview on Wednesday, saying that the Republican nominee would bring change — though he also said he didn’t know the change would necessarily be good.

In the interview with host Brian Thomas on 55KRC Ohio radio, Massie said he was “more excited to vote for Trump than I was to vote for Romney-Ryan.”

“I think you’re more likely to get change,” he explained. “I don’t know if it’s gonna be a good change, but you gotta break eggs to make an omelette.”

But, we don’t want omelettes. We want competent leadership in the top office of our government.

This is blatant party politics, which ignores the real danger of a Trump presidency, in favor of that magical “R” beside his name.

This is the attitude that has infected the party. While some are simply resigned to having Trump as nominee and are convinced that it’s going to be one bad choice versus another, they may as well go with the bad choice that shares their party affiliation.

“Frankly, I still think Paul Ryan’s having a hard time getting on board,” the Kentucky congressman said of the Speaker of the House. “And I don’t think he’s a Gary Johnson voter. I’m just gonna tell you. I think some of these guys would secretly in their hearts rather have Hillary win and they’ll take a crack at it in 2020 than to have
Donald Trump win and upset their apple cart and their agenda that they’ve laid out for this country.”

Well, there’s a thought, and with Trump’s dismal poll numbers, it’s likely what we’ll be faced with.

Listen to the audio here.

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