Trump Supporter Compares The Trump Train Wreck to Late Comedian's Crash-and-Burn Life

I absolutely love the old Chris Farley movies, like “Tommy Boy” and “Beverly Hills Ninja.” These aren’t exactly high cinema, but still, fun.

Now picture Tommy Boy as president and weigh the madcap shenanigans.

Or don’t.

Donald Trump supporter on Thursday compared the current state of Trump’s presidential campaign to Chris Farley’s final days before his death.


“Over the last few days, I’m not surprised to see people running for the hills,” talk show host John Phillips, an outspoken Trump backer, said on CNN.


“The last 72 hours for Donald Trump have been the political equivalent of Chris Farley’s final 72 hours on planet Earth.”


Farley, a star on “Saturday Night Live” and big-screen hits such as “Tommy Boy” and “Black Sheep,” died at age 33 after a drug overdose.

While Trump flounders in the polls and is seemingly oblivious to the workings of a serious campaign, it’s not hard to imagine him in the role of Farley.

“Look, Rudy Giuliani and Newt Gingrich say they’re planning an intervention. Sign me up,” joked Phillips, a CNN contributor.


“I’ll bring Dr. Drew, the burlap sack and the station wagon, because this guy needs to get back on track.”

That train seems to be derailing at a record pace. Trump led Clinton by a single percentage point on July 27th, in RealClearPolitics polling. Today, however, that same polling has him behind Clinton by almost 6 points. That’s a drastic drop in a relatively short time frame.

Just as Farley’s life spiraled dangerously out of control, ending in tragedy, so it is with Trump’s campaign. In this case, however, the tragedy will be for our nation, regardless of who wins in November.

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