Trump's Strategy for the General Election: Begin Making Excuses Now For Why He Will Lose

For the entirety of the primaries, Trump was short on solutions, although heavy on vague, empty promises and slogans he ripped off from the 80s.

He had much ire for his Republican competitors for the nomination, but was oddly short on attacks against Democrats.

Now, here we are, three months away from the general election. Trump has vanquished every legitimate, qualified candidate for the nomination, and has shifted full speed ahead into his strategy for the main event –

Keep attacking Republicans and talk about why he will lose in November.

From the Wall Street Journal:

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Monday cast doubt on the legitimacy of the November general election, expanding on his long-running theme that the political process is stacked against him.

“I’m afraid the election is going to be rigged, I have to be honest,” Mr. Trump told a rally in Columbus, Ohio.

What, exactly, does he think this will accomplish?

Will building a mountain of excuses in advance create a well of sympathy and get him the sympathy vote?

Will the constant barrage of non-issues distract from the fact that he has no working knowledge of the issues facing the presidency?

Mr. Trump’s remarks follow his weekend calls to change the dates of the three general-election debates because two of them are scheduled at the same time as pro-football games. Mr. Trump said in a Saturday interview with ABC News that he’d received “a letter” from the National Football League taking issue with the debate timing. An NFL spokesman said the league sent no such letter.

Is lying just part of his sociopathic personality?

It’s easier than studying and campaigning, I suppose.

The man is surrounded by a phalanx of surrogates, assistants and staffers. Where are those willing to tell him that either he get a cogent, workable strategy in place, or he needs to step aside?

Whatever the tumult in his brain, it seems even he knows he’s far out of his element, and in the fashion of a true narcissist, it will always be some unfair system, or someone with a vendetta against him that is to blame for his failure.



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