Perpetual Victim Trump Decries Unfair Politics of Fire Marshals Doing Their Job

No, seriously… What is wrong with this man?

There are major issues to be addressed, and he’s being pressed on every side, with questions about his possible ties to Russia and how that may have played into the WikiLeaks dump of DNC documents. His insane attack on the grieving Gold Star parents, who just happened to be Muslims has been a hot item for days.

His lack of transparency, in regards to his tax returns is still an issue.

Major financial backers want nothing to do with him.

BUT… let’s grouse about a fire marshal who did his job and restricted the number of people into a venue, for their protection. It’s not like it doesn’t happen all over the country, in different venues for different events, and is actually a law in most places that aren’t third world hellholes.

Trump doesn’t seem overly concerned about laws, safety, or anything requiring commonsense.

And I’m completely sure that the fire marshal in this case restricted access to your event out of some political bias towards liberal reality TV hucksters, who wear hamster pelts on their heads.

It’s a wonder this biased fire marshal didn’t allow you to stay stuck in that elevator shaft earlier in the day.

Frankly, I can’t wait until Trump takes on the really meaty topics, like people who bring 12 items through the 10 items or less checkout lane at the grocery store.

Somebody wake me when all this is over.

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