Trump Apologist Makes Bizarre Comparison Between Trump and Military Families

I’m under the belief that to join the Trump train, it is a requirement to be lobotomized as part of the admission.

I’d like to say I was just lashing out in frustration, maybe using a bit of snarky humor, but then one of Trump’s defenders goes and says something so astronomically moronic, that we are forced to consider the possibility that IQs above the speed limit are verboten.


I present you: Scottie Nell Hughes.

The RightScoop captured the exchange between Hughes and Bernard Whitman, a Democrat strategist.

The topic was Trump’s attack on the Khans, the Muslim Gold Star parents of a fallen U.S. soldier.

Grasp that.

Serving as the face of a company, like Ronald McDonald, and committing multiple adulteries is equal to the sacrifice of a soldier dying in service to his country.

She also, absurdly, said that every single other military family should be demanding that they apologize for insulting Trump by asking him if he’s read the Constitution. Which, to be fair, is a reasonable question given how little he seems to care for its provisions. You can always count on Scottie Nell Hughes to bring the IQ level down into negative territory whenever Trump blurts out something stupid they need to defend.

Yes. Military families, of all people, should recognize Trump’s multiple adulteries – for which he is completely unrepentant – as genuine sacrifices. He fought the bedroom wars and left broken vows and broken families on the battlefield.

What a trooper.


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