Leaked Texts Reveal Social Justice More Important Than Actual Justice in Baltimore's Freddie Gray Case

Social justice warriors at their most heinous and corrupt.

That’s one way to describe Baltimore, Maryland’s State Attorney Marilyn Mosby and the team that looked to railroad six police officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray.

The case ended last week, with no convictions. Of course, Mosby gave a gut-wrenching speech about a corrupt criminal justice system, and of course, police brutality. The defense, however, had a different take.

Attorneys for Lt. Brian Rice and Officers Edward Nero and Garrett Miller told the Baltimore Sun Thursday that Mosby painted herself as a “victim,” when in reality, she refused help that was offered to her by Maryland State Police and other agencies across the region.

“The fact that she’s finding herself as a victim and blaming police, and blaming the court, and blaming the defendants for exercising their constitutional rights to elect a court trial, and blaming the judge for him actually holding them to their burden, is pretty shocking,” Catherine Flynn, Miller’s attorney, told the Sun.

According to the Blaze, however, something new has come to light.

On Friday, Fox News’ Trace Gallagher reported that leaked text messages between one of Mosby’s deputies and a top investigator in the Baltimore Police Department indicate that the prosecutors had plans to charge the officers, regardless of what the evidence showed.

This would be the typical social justice warrior M.O. If the facts don’t support the narrative, conceal the facts and plow ahead. Achieving their ideal for “social justice” will always be more important than actual justice.

None of this is to suggest that there aren’t actual cases of police officers who step outside of their duties and go too far. It happens. It’s wrong.

However, overzealous, politically motivated prosecutors, like Mosby, are a blight on the entire system and are responsible for their own share of damage to the system.