DNC Document Leak Shows NC Democrats Celebrating Lost Revenue to the State

While combing through the miles of potentially damning reveals found in the leaked DNC documents, there is a fine mix of the mundane, along with some pointed shows of just how despicable Democrats can be when they’re trying to twist the arm of the public, in order to force compliance to their worldview.

One such find was the reaction shared between Dave Miranda, communications director for the Democratic Party in North Carolina, and Deshundra Jefferson, a communications strategist.

Miranda shared his glee over $60,000 lost for the state when aged rockers, Pearl Jam, cancelled a show as part of the stompy-footed response to North Carolina’s bathroom bill, segregating bathroom access by natural gender.

I can’t truthfully claim that both parties don’t engage in a bit of celebratory back slapping when the other team fumbles. We all know they do.

That being said, I have to point out that Governor McCrory’s poll numbers only went up, following the passage of HB2, and his subsequent refusal to be moved from that particular hill of principled commonsense.

The business climate in North Carolina has flourished under McCrory to such a degree that it is likely these losses from a concert here or a sporting event there can be absorbed in the long run. As it now stands, those events are registering as quick jolts, not economy-altering crashes.

This tweet from Governor McCrory should bring a clearer perspective. Democrats, take note: