It's Bern Victims vs Clintonistas, as Texas Delegate Breakfast Breaks Out in DNC "Unity" (Video)

Ah… unity.

I woke up this morning to see multiple reports of the successful night the DNC convention had, packed with powerful speakers and delegates ready to carry the banner for a unified party behind nominee, Hillary Clinton.


This was typical Democrat spin – as in spinning it away from the topic of the leaked DNC documents and the chaos playing out on the floor.

I can only imagine that those Democrat officials who worked furiously to downplay reality through the evening were hoping that a new morning would bring clearer heads.

I hate to be the one to break the news (not really), but they’d better suit up.

Politico is reporting that at a breakfast for Texas delegates, things got heated when one delegate, loyal to Bernie Sanders, stood to proclaim he was “condemning” nominee Clinton.

A shouting match ensued, with pro-Hillary delegates standing to confront the speaker.

Watch, and soak up all the “unity.”

Chaos isn’t just for Republicans this year.


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