BEAST MODE: Honey Badger of Politics, NC Governor Pat McCrory Has a Word for Social Justice Warriors

Last night, PayPal co-founder, Peter Theil was allowed to stand in front of a room full of fair weather “conservatives” and tell social conservatives to kiss his rumpkins.

Today, as if on cue, the NBA announced that it would be pulling its All-Star game out of North Carolina next year, costing the state around $100 million in revenue.

The decision is in response to the hotly debated bathroom bill.

That legislation bans transgender people from using bathrooms in accordance with their gender identities — which the NBA said creates a “climate” that does not follow the “values for which we stand.”

Then your values suck.

North Carolina’s Governor Pat McCrory didn’t mince words when speaking of their decision on Charlotte’s WFAE-FM radio show, “Charlotte Talks.”

“I’m disappointed. I strongly disagree with their decision,” McCrory said. “To put it bluntly it’s total P.C. BS. It’s an insult to our city and an insult to our state.”

McCrory called the NBA guilty of practicing “selective outrage” over the bill… He added that he believes the pull-out was fueled by the “political left.”

Or the alt-right, at this point, Sir.

Governor McCrory has shown a backbone of steel in standing up against the progressive agenda that the social justice warriors of the Obama administration, as well as his opponent in the gubernatorial race, NC Attorney General Roy Cooper, have tried to force on North Carolina’s families.

After watching conservatism die on the altar of Trump this week, at least at the national level, McCrory’s steadfast defense of social issues, and job-promoting, fiscal good sense is a welcome relief from the insanity.