Ted Cruz Did The Honorable Thing

Let me address the mewling protestations that I’m getting from some of the Howler monkeys that make up Trump’s suicide cult, as well as some of the Cruz supporters.

It’s a tale of two candidates, who took different paths in how they approached the Trump nomination, that worthless pledge, and how both were right.

Everybody knows Governor Rick Perry was my chosen and I never let that go. I felt then and still feel that he is the absolute, when it comes to principled conservatism, coupled with experience and success. In a sane country, this would be President Perry’s reelection campaign.

In a sane country, but…

After the corrupt media and the establishment working behind the scenes had successfully dispatched every other candidate, leaving that gilded toad, Trump, as nominee, the last thing I ever wanted to hear was Rick Perry say he would support the nominee. He certainly fought it and tried to avoid it for as long as he could.

He broke my heart, but I prayed on for him and for the work God could still do in his life. It sucked, though, a LOT, because Trump is a corrupt man, and the Governor was only doing it out of party loyalty, concern about Hillary Clinton (rightly) – and that stupid pledge.

And he was right to do it.

One of the things that makes Governor Rick Perry the man of deep honor he is, is that he keeps his word. He took that pledge, and repeated in various interviews that he would support the eventual nominee. I’m sure he didn’t think it would be Trump. I know he didn’t want it to be Trump, but it was.

For as much as I wish this one time the Gov would have went back on his word, he didn’t. To do otherwise wouldn’t be Governor Rick Perry.

Then there’s Ted Cruz, who was put in a very different situation. He began the race cozying up to Trump, and that was a strategic mess, it turned out, because in the end, there were those who didn’t trust him. I was one of them.

As it became clear that it would be a battle between Trump and Cruz, Trump not only abandoned the pledge, but took everything to the gutter.

He attacked Heidi Cruz’s looks (not everybody can wear plastic and Bond-o like Melania), spread vicious rumors to the tabloids about multiple affairs Cruz had supposedly had, and spewed conspiracy theories about Cruz’s dad.

Trump didn’t just go dirty politics. He went dirty. Period. Because he’s incapable of debating policy and record, he did the only thing an adulterous reality TV joke can do, and he tried to ruin Cruz’s family!


Way more important than any public office, and Trump meddled in the sanctity of Cruz’s home by trying to cause hurt and heartache. Were I his wife, and he simply caved to a man of such low character as Trump, there would be hell to pay.

His duty as a husband, father, and son should always take precedence over his “job.”

Senator Cruz owed Donald Trump less than nothing. He was invited to speak because Trump hoped to snag the conservatives that have been hesitant to take a blood oath of loyalty to the Cheeto-devil.

The senator’s words were powerful and gracious, giving an air of sophisticated patriotism to what was otherwise a thin veneer of gaudy revelry, covering a deep swell of corruption, intimidation, and gestapo tactics.

For whatever the senator’s ulterior motives may have been – and there are those who insist he’s already setting up his 2020 run – he was right.

He didn’t insult Trump. He didn’t take anything away from Trump, but he spoke the words that true patriots needed to hear and embrace.

That Trump’s cult believe anything less than bowing as a conquered warrior before the new king is more important than speaking about conscience and principle says a lot about how far they’ve sank.

They are the Morlocks spoke of in H.G. Wells’ “The Time Machine.” Living in darkness and hating the light.

So kudos to Senator Cruz. He stood strong before a hostile crowd of flesh-eaters, and he will be stronger for it when the full horror of Trumpism is laid at our doorstep.


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