Trump Campaign Manager: This is the Trump Party, Now (Video)

It is no longer the GOP. It is no longer a haven for conservatives. It is no longer the Republican party. It is the Trump party.

Don’t believe it?

Alleged Russian mob fixer, Paul Manafort said the very words this morning, during an interview with CBS This Morning.

Sounds like a hostile takeover, and it really is.

I’ve been getting it from Trump’s unhinged cult members for weeks. I’ve been told it was their party, and they didn’t need us conservative voters.

Now, the top of Trump’s management team has confirmed it.

If there are any still clinging to the GOP out of party loyalty, I have to ask, why?

To the treacherous and corrupt party leaders, may I suggest you change the Trumplican party logo from an elephant to something more fitting, like a rabid badger?