DC Delegates Shocked to See Their Votes Handed to Trump, Instead of Rubio and Kasich

So here’s the rundown for the DC delegation:

In March, Senator Marco Rubio won DC, garnering 10 of the 19 delegates. Governor John Kasich was awarded 9.

With that in mind, there are some more than a little upset at why all delegates were handed to Donald Trump, who won none of the delegates in March.

From the Washington Examiner:

The DC Republican Party’s official rules note that regardless of all other rules regarding binding, “if only one candidate’s name is placed in nomination at the Republican National Convention, all delegates shall be bound to vote for such candidate on the first ballot provided that the candidate received votes in the DC presidential preference poll.”

So, because Trump was the only candidate placed in nomination at the convention and because he received some votes in DC, all of the delegates were diverted to Trump.

However, the story doesn’t full end there. The DC delegation said they thought they had worked something out that would allow their votes to be cast in accordance with the popular will of DC.

The national committeeman from DC, Bob Kabel, served on the rules committee. He stated that they felt they had come to an agreement to waive the rules, in order to allow the popular will of DC’s voters to be noted.

Well, in Trump’s party, and with the establishment’s desire to get someone as corrupt as they are in the running, you should never settle for a handshake deal.

He said they supported the binding rules in the rules committee because they thought that doing so actually bound their delegates to Rubio and Kasich.

In other words, the will of the people be damned. The establishment were going to have their false god.

The GOP deserves to burn. Too bad a lot of good people will be going down with it.