RIDICULOUS: Mike Huckabee Demands Fealty To Trump To Be a Requirement For Speaking at the Convention

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee continues to clown himself, in service to his orange-hued master.  He hasn’t reached the level of a Ben Carson or a Chris Christie, but with his recent editorial in POLITICO, he’s definitely a strong contender.

Apparently, the former governor and Fox News employee has an issue with allowing those who have not kissed the ring of Trump being allowed to speak at the GOP convention in Cleveland.

To pretend that Trump is being heavy-handed by saying that those who don’t endorse him won’t speak is not only unfair, it also misses the bigger story: Why aren’t we talking about the outright lie told by a number of my fellow GOP presidential contenders on national television during the very first debate in August of 2015? We were asked point blank if we would support the eventual nominee who survived the primary process and won the nomination. And we all said “yes” except for Trump, who declared that he wanted to make sure he was treated “fairly.” Not long after, Reince Priebus, the Republican National Committee chairman, went to Trump’s New York office and extracted from him a pledge that he would also support the nominee of the party.

So is the Huckster insinuating that Trump’s childish rants about not being treated fairly and refusing to pledge support to the eventual nominee was somehow warranted? I’m trying to follow here. It wasn’t ok then, and just because he had to be cajoled into signing a pledge, that doesn’t morally obligate anyone to go against their conscience.

Huckabee goes on to blather out every pro-Trump social media meme produced in this ghastly election cycle.

Donald Trump was not my first choice for president—I was my first choice. But for reasons that I don’t and will never fully understand, that’s not how the voters saw it. Trump won the nomination the old fashioned way—he got the most votes. He received far more votes than any Republican in the history of the primaries. More than Ronald Reagan, the Bushes, McCain and the utterly discredited Mitt Romney, who has shamefully and sadly shown his petulance as he leaves the political stage in disgrace, having gladly accepted Trump’s money and endorsement in 2012, only to become a “Never Trumper” and de-facto Hillary Clinton champion in 2016.

How many of those votes were Democrats voting in open elections, in order to throw the primaries to the most unelectable candidate the Republicans have ever offered up, Governor?

In fact, if some reports are right, the bulk of Trump’s support during the primaries were from Democrats, who nobody can be sure will be there during the general election. As for actual Republican votes, they were spread so thin among the field of candidates, there’s no way to conclude Trump got more votes than Reagan, the Bushes, or any other Republican candidate – not if you’re counting pure, Republican voters.

There were some on that stage I would have had a far more difficult time supporting than Trump.

That statement alone should drive those who care about Mike Huckabee to seek some sort of intervention for him. Seriously, there were several in the lineup that caused me to cringe when I thought of them getting anywhere near the White House, but either one of them were and are vastly superior to the friend-of-Clinton that conned his way into the top spot on the GOP ticket.

Then Huckabee got into the real reason for his tirade: Ted Cruz.

Donald Trump met with Senator Cruz in Washington on Thursday and reportedly offered him a speaking slot at the convention. That was a gracious and generous offer from Trump. According to Senator Cruz, there was not a requirement to endorse. Let’s hope that the senator will reciprocate the kind gesture and use a speech as the occasion to honor his nationally televised pledge to do so. If he can’t do that, he should quietly decline the speaking slot.

But please, media—don’t intimate that it’s Trump who’s being petty by not giving precious stage and air time to those who lied to their own party and violated their pledge. He ran, he won, and like it or not, the convention is his show. There isn’t room on our Republican stage for someone who can’t be trusted to keep his or her promise.


No, Huck. It’s not “his show.” It’s about the voters, the delegates, and what’s right for this nation. That would be… NOT Donald Trump.

This convention, the election is and always has been about the people. This isn’t a coronation of some vilely coiffed emperor. I wholly reject your insinuation that it is, and that anyone should be forced to violate their conscience or be silenced.