Leadership and Reflections On the Role of the States

Bring Leadership Back was formed to support conservative leaders and to promote American idealism, through strengthening that message to the public.

Never have we been more in need of strong leadership. For far too long, Washington, D.C. has become a bed of self-interested vipers, who act not as representatives of the people, but crass elitists, with no connection to the people who gave them their positions, in the first place.

Ed Willing, a key player in Bring Leadership Back recently got an opportunity to sit and interview former Texas Governor Rick Perry about the role of leadership in our nation.

I’ve always been a fan of Governor Perry’s stance on the 10th Amendment. He’s absolutely right, here. Anything not enumerated in the Constitution falls to the states to decide. Gay marriage, abortion, the bathroom debate that’s currently raging, even prayer in schools are all issues that the states should have been left to hash out themselves, but Washington has forgotten its role, and the people are too doped on reality TV and hashtag activism to be of any practical use.

Don’t think Washington doesn’t know that. They’re actually counting on it.

So for this Independence Day, as you settle down to let the hot dogs and hamburgers digest, when you see the fireworks, think of what it took and what price was paid to secure the freedoms that so many aren’t losing, but are willingly giving away, through apathetic silence in the face of an overreaching government.