Unbelievable. Russian Ship Tests U.S. Resolve, By Engaging In Second Risky Maneuver in Two Weeks

Unbelievable. Russian Ship Tests U.S. Resolve, By Engaging In Second Risky Maneuver in Two Weeks
A multi-national armada of war ships underway in the Baltic Sea while participating in Exercise BALTOPS 2002. Pictured foreground-to-background are the Russian Navy Frigate, NEUSTRASHIMY, the US Navy (USN) TICONDEROGA CLASS: Guided Missile Cruiser (Aegis), USS ANZIO (CG 68), and the USS CAPET ST. GEORGE (CG 71). BALTOPS is intended to improve interoperability with allies and Partnership for Peace countries by conducting peace support operations at sea.

Ah, the Obama-wrought era of American weakness.

From CNN.com:

For the second time in two weeks, a Russian warship in the eastern Mediterranean has approached U.S. Navy ships in what American military officials said was an unsafe manner, raising concerns about Russian intentions.

The latest incident took place Thursday when the Russian frigate Neustrashimyy came within 150 yards of the USS San Jacinto, according to U.S. military officials.

Could anyone have imagined Russia pulling off such a move 10 years ago? What’s changed? How did America become the schoolyard dweeb, subject to having our ears flicked until they turn red or having our books slapped out of our hands on the way to class?

“San Jacinto was never threatened by the erratic maneuvers, as San Jacinto maintained course and speed, but the closing distance by (the Neustrashimyy) before the ship turned away from San Jacinto is considered a high risk maneuver, highly unprofessional, and contrary to international maritime regulations,” the Navy said in a statement.

“Conducting aggressive, erratic maneuvers and moving unnecessarily close to another ship in open ocean is inconsistent with prudent seamanship,” the statement added. “We are concerned every time an unprofessional ship maneuvers occurs. These actions can unnecessarily escalate tensions between countries, and could result in dangerous miscalculations or accidents.”

Leading from behind, believing that if we open our hands to show we have nothing and offering up our soft underbelly, that somehow the world will take pity and leave us be isn’t working.

Reports note that the Russian frigate had been engaged in “shadowing” operations of another U.S. ship, the carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, as it was conducting flight operations. During that time, the frigate engaged in more than one maneuver that was deemed “erratic.”

This is also the same frigate that approached the USS Gravely several weeks ago, close enough for U.S. Navy sailors to photograph the uncovered weapons on the ship.

I’m sure Putin is expecting a strongly worded tweet from Obama, any day now. The question remains, if they’re willing to try this now, how far are they willing to go?

It’s times like this that I especially mourn our lack of leadership, and fear most for our future, when you consider the options we’re left with for 2017. Neither Trump nor Clinton are competent or principled enough to provide the leadership we need.

Neither of them have what it takes to improve our standing on the world stage, nor to guide us to a place where we regain prominence, and the people will suffer for it.

While I was looking over the accounts surrounding this, I immediately thought of Governor Rick Perry. He may not be a polished speaker, but he understands the problems we face, and he called this situation months ago.

What I wouldn’t give to have a man like Rick Perry at the top of the GOP ticket, now.

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