WOW: Trump Deleted This Tweet That Had Too Much Heat Even For Him

Let’s recap the events of the day, shall we?

Trump happily tweeted out an anti-Semitic graphic, maybe or maybe not inadvertently, but one that, either way, is a dog whistle for neo-Nazi skinhead types. The graphic had the six-pointed Star of David superimposed over an image of $100 bills and the word “corrupt” on it. That was very early this morning.

By noon today, somebody had finally gotten to the hay-haired screwball and convinced him that juuuusstt maybe that particular ad was in poor taste. The image was deleted and shortly after, one with a circle, rather than the star was put in place. It is extremely rare that Donald Trump deletes a tweet. For example, the many controversial retweets of anti-Semitic “alt-right” Twitter accounts remain. This pic, though, got taken down.

Not that it helps him, however. Trump and his “best people” seem oblivious to things like screen grabs. Nothing, once released into the world wide web, is every truly gone.


Sorry, Don.

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