NY Post Gloriously Skewers "Chance" Meeting Between Bill Clinton and AG Lynch

Because sometimes the media gets it right.

Readers of the New York Post got an eyeful of their trademark snark this morning, in regards to the shady, and very likely, illegal private meeting between former President Bill Clinton, and Attorney General Loretta Lynch, the woman charged with leading the investigation into Democrat nominee, Hillary Clinton’s email shenanigans.


The former Secretary of State is meeting with the FBI today, in what is expected to be the final, if not one of the final steps in the investigation into possible wrongdoing with her private server and a mass of deleted government emails.

The optics surrounding the meeting between her husband and AG Lynch, however, adds a new, and decidedly troublesome facet to the investigation.

Nobody is actually surprised when a Clinton does something underhanded, any more than they actually believe the story about the airport meeting being by “chance.” After all, the Clinton machine isn’t well-oiled so much as it’s well-slimed.

Also, chance meetings don’t last a half hour, with direct orders that there be no pictures or video of any kind of the meeting.

When you get two corrupt officials together, with one needing a favor from the other, it would pay for them both to remember that there really is no honor among thieves, as Lynch has already signaled that she’ll throw Hillary under the bus, in regards to the FBI investigation, in order to save her own skin and try and distance herself from the appearance of impropriety.


Then again, you never know with these crooks.

Too late, Loretta. You’re dirty to the core, and an absolute snake. We will put aside any outward rancor, however, just to enjoy watching you sweat and squirm under scrutiny.


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