Trump Continues to Pack RNC Convention Roster With Sycophants and Democrats

Melania Trump, the wife of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, addresses supporters of her husband’s campaign in Spartanburg, South Carolina, on Saturday, Feb. 20, 2016. (AP Photo/Alex Sanz)

As the GOP struggles to find people to speak at the party convention, Trump seeks to fill all the speaking slots with sycophants and hangers-on, who will, presumably, lavish him with the unwavering adulation he deserves.

So far, Trump has reached out to B-list celebrities and sports stars. The goal is to make this like an episode of “The Apprentice,” I suppose.

Now he’s stepped it up, into the realm of nepotism. According to the Washington Examiner, he’ll also be adding his wife and kids to the speaking roster.

That would be the kids who couldn’t vote for him in New York, because they’re Democrats. Like him.

“I love my family. I love my children. My children are going to be speaking at the convention,” Trump said Friday during a keynote address at the Western Conservative Summit in Denver.

“My children are all going to be speaking: Ivanka, Tiffany, Don, Eric,” he told the crowd. “My wife is going to be speaking at the convention. We’re going to have a great time.”

To date, most serious politicians have declined to take part in, or even attend the convention. This includes primary season rivals, Governor John Kasich and Senator Ted Cruz.

Trump has previously said he intends to stack the list of convention speakers with a handful of sports icons.

The billionaire has previously declared an interest in having retired college basketball coach Bobby Knight, who endorsed Trump shortly before the Indiana Republican primary, deliver remarks in Cleveland.

Mike Tyson has already nixed the idea of appearing and speaking on Trump’s behalf.

No, really. Mike Tyson.

I’m almost positive that the stage at the GOP convention will be used more as a new place to slam Republicans who don’t readily and eagerly endorse the nominee, than it will be used to lay out a coherent plan for the future of the party and the nation.