Irony Alert: What's the Best Way to Introduce an Evangelical Advisory Board?

OH, the irony!

Presumptive GOP nominee, Donald Trump met with religious leaders (or misleaders, in some cases) to have them kiss his ring.

He’s not technically calling it “kiss his ring.” I think he gave it the euphemism of putting together a faith advisory board.


Some of the names present and now sitting on this board are Paula White, Faith and Freedom Coalition leader, Ralph Reed, former Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, and Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr.

Falwell Jr. has been a vocal advocate for the poorly coiffed charlatan for months now, so his inclusion on the board was no shock.

The sad, cringe-worthy irony is in this proud tweet, that capped off the meeting of Zod and these supposed leaders of the faith.

Yes. Proudly posing with a candidate’s Playboy magazine cover prominently displayed in the background is the perfect way to draw attention to the needs and concerns of the faith community.

Well done, Mr. Falwell. I’m sure your dad isn’t spinning in his grave, at all.

I’m so embarrassed for my alma mater.


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