Trump Advisor Resigns After Mocking Lewandowski's Firing

Talk about a thickening plot!

Michael Caputo, a top adviser to the Trump campaign has resigned after sending out a tweet that reportedly was meant to be in response to news of Corey Lewandowski’s firing.

CNN reported on the communications between Caputo and campaign chairman Paul Manafort:

“I regret sending out a tweet today alluding to the firing of Corey Lewandowski. In hindsight, that was too exuberant a reaction to this personnel move. I know this is a distraction from the kind of campaign you want to run, so I’m resigning my position as director of communications for caucus operations at the 2016 Republican National Convention. Let’s make this immediate,” Caputo wrote in a letter to campaign chairman Paul Manafort and Rick Gates, according to a copy obtained by CNN.

I have to wonder if Caputo is stepping down because he was asked to step down, or is he looking at the dropping poll numbers and using this as an excuse to bail the sinking ship?

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