How Much of Lewandowski's Firing Was Due to Trump's Family Involvement?

It just keeps getting better.

Earlier today, news broke regarding Corey Lewandowski’s sudden dismissal from his duties with Donald Trump’s campaign. This report came after weeks of rumored in-fighting and falling poll numbers.


While no one has been able to say for a certainty what caused Lewandowski to hear the words, “You’re fired,” rumors are leaking out.

According to MSNBC, Lewandowski’s latest role was to act as outreach, bringing in GOP backers and to shore up party support. Unfortunately, Lewandowski has all the charm and finesse of a lawn jockey, and his ability to make that happen – especially in light of the fact that he’s got to polish that turd of a candidate in Trump and sell him to backers – just wasn’t there.

It was also mentioned that little Lewandowski’s nasty, pugnacious attitude that made him a favorite of Trumpidians and domestic abusers everywhere did not translate well from the primary season to the general election season.

Trump’s reported top advisors are said to be his family (Nepotism, anyone?), and rumor has it they have been pushing him to shuttle Lewandowski from his ranks for some time, now. In specific, Ivanka Trump, the daughter that Trump seems to have an uncomfortable attachment to, has had issues with his involvement in her father’s campaign.


The conversation happened in a phone call between Trump and Lewandowski, and security escorted the little guy from the building.

While Lewandowski is playing down the event, he’s also placing the blame for Trump’s falling poll numbers on Paul Manafort, saying he’s been in charge since Lewandowski was “demoted” several months ago, which goes against the initial narrative that suggested they were working together.


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