Democrat Congresswoman Alludes to October Surprise

Conspiracy theories.

I’m normally not the type to pay a lot of attention to some of the really blatant ones (9/11 “Truthers” can get bent). Sometimes, however, things creep out that just might bear a kernel of truth.

From the onset of the disastrous candidacy of Donald J. Trump, I maintained that this wasn’t a candidacy, so much as it was a Saturday Night Live skit. I also believed that it couldn’t have been more perfectly orchestrated, had the Clinton machine planned it, themselves.

All that was before Trump admitted that he’d had a phone conversation with Bill Clinton weeks before he announced, where Slick Willie had encouraged him to, “get more involved” with the upcoming election.

Now it seems that even Democrats are suspicious and speaking out.

Ohio Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur, watching from a distance the unfolding train wreck that is now the GOP, was quoted in National Review:

“There are some theories on the Internet that this is Bill Clinton’s best political deal,” says Marcy Kaptur, the veteran Democratic congresswoman from Ohio and the House’s longest-serving female lawmaker, “that he and Donald are buddies, and they have a lot of similar friends in New York, and he has masterfully selected a friend who maybe by October will say, ‘You know, this is very boring. And I’m going to get out.’”

“Do I believe it 100 percent, do I believe it 2 percent? You know, you really wonder,” Kaptur says.

She poses an interesting scenario. Will Trump be Hillary’s October surprise? As flawed as she is, Trump is giving her the presidency gift wrapped and on a silver platter.

Trump’s support in both the political and private sector are in free fall, just like his poll numbers. In fact, the only thing rising (besides the bile in my throat) are his unfavorables, across the board with every key demographic. He is left with little more than those core group of angry, unthinking nutters who so proudly proclaimed they didn’t need conservatives or the so-called “establishment” to win.

Just as a side note, Kaptur supported Bernie Sanders during the primary race and has yet to back Clinton. She also bucked some of President Clinton’s measures in the 90s, such as NAFTA and even considered joining Ross Perot’s ticket in 1996.

We may never know the full story of what was the impetus for Trump’s run for the presidency, but the idea that it was a “You scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours” Clinton crime family plot is not outside of the realm of the believable.

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