SHAMEFUL: No Call of Condolence to Florida Governor Rick Scott From President Obama

When the nation is hit by a tragedy the magnitude of what happened in Orlando, Florida this past weekend, it is customary for our president to reach out to the executive leadership of that state.


It’s a classy and compassionate move.

Yeah. We don’t have that kind of leadership in Washington, D.C.

We’re several days beyond the mass shooting – worst in America’s history – by a maniac who claimed allegiance to ISIS, and President Obama has yet to call Florida Governor Rick Scott to offer his support.

From the Hill today:

“He has not called us,” Scott said Tuesday on “Fox and Friends.”


“A staffer has called, but no, he has not called.”


Scott criticized Obama’s approach to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), saying after the Orlando shooting, “If not now, when are we going to take this seriously?”


“When are we going to say enough is enough and say we are absolutely going to destroy ISIS, we’re going to stop the evil out of radical Islam? We’ve got to at some point say, is 49 enough? How many more can there be?”


The relationship between Governor Scott and the Obama administration has been strained by the administration’s refusal to provide the state with information on Syrian refugees the government has resettled around Florida.

Scott also spoke out against the Democrats who immediately called for extra gun control measures after the tragedy.

“The Second Amendment didn’t kill anybody. Evil, radical Islam, ISIS — they killed. We have got to start standing up for our country,” Scott said, voicing support for vetting migrants to the U.S.

Expect to see this latest attack by a radicalized Muslim to be used for months as a cudgel against the Second Amendment, and not Islam.


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