Formerly Pro-Gun Ban Trump Endorsed by LaPierre and NRA

Donald Trump, who has previously expressed approval for bans on certain types of firearms, is now the desperation candidate for the NRA.

Trump made what was his second appearance today at the 145th annual NRA convention in Louisville, Kentucky.


With the promise that he wouldn’t let them down, he was given the approval and the endorsement of the organization.

Feeling the pressure of having no other choice and being faced with the only other option being Hillary Clinton, NRA CEO, Wayne LaPierre and his deputy and lobbyist, Chris Cox, encouraged attendees to back Trump.

He and LaPierre urged a packed hall at the Kentucky Exposition Center to unite behind Republican Donald Trump, who they endorsed. ‘Now is the time to unite if your preferred candidate dropped out of the race, get over it,’ said Cox. ‘This is a do or die election.’”

For his part, Trump, alternated between his usual word-soup and reading from a teleprompter:

He touched on many pro-gun issues, including a promise to get rid of gun-free zones. He also noted that his sons are hunters and gun owners, adding that they own so many, ‘even I get a bit concerned.’”


(Said no true gun advocate, ever.)

These are truly desperate times for Constitutional conservatives, when our leaders cling to a Manhattan liberal to be the savior of the movement. Trump’s latest incarnation as a pro-gun, Second Amendment champion is a drastic departure from his views in recent history, when he was more closely aligned with Clinton and Obama than LaPierre and Cox.

I’ll just leave this right here:



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