Dr. Ben Carson Has Some Thoughts on DOJ's Comparison of NC's Bathroom Bill to Civil Rights Fight

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We are in a battle for our culture, and Raleigh, North Carolina may very well be this age’s Fort Sumter.

Monday saw North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory plant his feet and fire preemptively, in answer to the threat from Obama’s Department of Justice. The bathroom law that requires North Carolina citizens to use the bathroom or shower room assigned to their gender has been framed as “discriminatory” against those who are under the delusion that something as biologically solid as gender can be left up to interpretation.


When the DOJ contemptuously suggested that if Governor McCrory would publicly admit that HB2, which he signed into law, was discriminatory, then they would grant the state until Friday, May 14, 2016 to surrender, before a lawsuit was brought against the state and funds for North Carolina schools and public safety were cut off.

McCrory refused, bringing a lawsuit against the DOJ and the federal government for a blatant act of overreach and for gross misinterpretation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Head of the DOJ, Loretta Lynch, gave a saccharine-laced diatribe, aimed to conjure up images of Bull Connor and shadowy marauders dragging black citizens from their homes at night, in an effort to compare such real, historical atrocities with the fight to allow men to go into the women’s bathrooms.

Following Lynch’s press conference, and her ridiculous comparison of past, actual civil rights struggles to the drama unfolding in North Carolina’s public bathrooms, former presidential candidate and retired neurosurgeon, Dr. Ben Carson, spoke out.

From the Washington Examiner:

“’That’s what they always say,’ Carson said in an interview with Fox News’ Neil Cavuto Monday night. ‘Everything is like Jim Crow. Everything is like racism and segregation and slavery. What a bunch of crap.’”

Crap would be an understatement. Race, like gender, is a biological certainty and it cannot be changed. When black citizens were being discriminated against for the color of their skin, it was an atrocity and an affront to every level of decency.


When a person is born a male, they are male. When a person is born a female, they are female. The feeling of being “born the wrong sex” is a mental illness called Gender Dysphoria, as listed in the DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders).

Big difference.

“’You know, we need to go back to recognizing data and science. You know, we know what men are, and we know what women are, and we’ve known that for thousands of years,’ Carson concluded. ‘You know, if there are some people who are confused about it, we can make some accommodations for them, but it doesn’t have to involve everybody.’”

No. It really doesn’t.




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