Senator Cruz Confronted By Barking Branch Trumpidians In Indiana (Video)

At a campaign stop in Marion, Indiana today, Senator Ted Cruz came face-to-face with the vile, classless idiocy of the basic, 2-brain celled Branch Trumpidian.

“You are the problem,” one goatee-sporting supporter told Cruz, with others calling him out for being a career politician.


Cruz was accompanied by Governor Mike Pence, who has set out to campaign with the senator, presumably as penance for his pathetic, initial endorsement.

Among other Trumpidian favorites, Cruz was asked about his Canadian heritage and chided about his wife’s past association with Goldman Sachs.

Cruz answered the slack-jawed dullards, in regards to their mindless repeating of Trumpidian slogans.

“Sir, with all due respect, Donald Trump is deceiving you,” Cruz said later on. “He is playing you for a chump.”

Most of us are well aware of this, but reality TV and an entitlement society has done much to coarsen public discourse.

Here is a (long) video clip.

One gets the impression that we’re one generation away from President Honey Boo-Boo.

Cruz pressed on with his thoughts, but because they were there to agitate, it’s not likely that much got through.


“’And a question that everyone here should ask…’ Cruz said, with another supporter asking ‘are you Canadian?’ Cruz ultimately finished his point, asking if Indianans want their kids ‘repeating the words of Donald Trump.’ He also mentioned Trump’s recent support of Mike Tyson, who he noted is a convicted rapist.”

What Senator Cruz is missing is that if these people are supporting Trump, they’re teaching their kids to talk like Trump or admire rapists like Mike Tyson, already.

Woe to the Republic.


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