Trump Incoherent, Accuses Cruz and Kasich of Collusion

Donald Trump took to the comfort and consoling atmosphere of his principle boot-lick, Sean Hannity’s show, in order to wail in delicious anguish over the Cruz-Kasich alliance.


This has become expected practice. The gilded toad doesn’t get his way, he runs to Hannity to have his ego stroked and pampered. He knows he’ll not be challenged or forced to show that he understands the process.

From Hannity’s show on Monday:

“It’s collusion. In business you go to jail for that, but it’s collusion where they’re coming together because they are getting beaten badly.”

He still doesn’t seem to understand that this isn’t business. This is politics. It may be why he’s been unable to build a good ground team and Cruz is able to swipe delegates away from him in state after state.

“It’s a scam, it’s absolutely a rigged system and it’s done so the bosses can pick people. Now fortunately in Pennsylvania you have a great head of the Republican party, you have a great head of the party and I think it will be fair. One thing they do have different in Pennsylvania — if you win, and we hope we’re going to win, we’re going to win very big, and we’re going to win tremendously in Connecticut, every one of these states. Hopefully we’re going to do as well as the polls.”

Clear as mud, Toad.

Was that even English?



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