John Kasich Is Considering His VP Pick


John Kasich, Ohio governor and son of a mailman, has vaulted into full-blown psychosis. On CBS’ “Face the Nation,” Kasich stated that his campaign has begun the process of vetting VP picks.


I’m going to say that again, for emphasis:

John Kasich is considering running mates for after the nomination.

From the Washington Examiner this morning:

“Well, we have some old hands now who are beginning to do that,” the Ohio governor said on CBS’s “Face the Nation” Sunday. “You know, these things come quickly and you don’t want to have yourself in a position where you have to pick somebody out of a hat.”

“We’re at the preliminary stage and yeah, I think it’s always possible,” he said.

Kasich, who is far behind Trump and Cruz in the race for delegates, feels that a brokered convention plays to his favor and has stated that he doesn’t have to win states to win the nomination. Such statements lend credibility to the notion that he is staying in the race at this point to be a spoiler. In order to get to a brokered convention, Trump and Cruz need to be prevented from getting 1,237 delegates. That is what Kasich is hoping to achieve by his continued presence. It’s a bit of a rat’s strategy, but it’s one he’s banking on.

(Leon H. Wolf explains why it’s not only a rat’s strategy, but a dumb one, here.)

The Kasich camp will continue the process and will likely announce his VP pick in June, a month ahead of the party convention.



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