VA Governor McAuliffe Restores Voting Rights to Felons

VA Governor McAuliffe Restores Voting Rights to Felons
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton arrives with Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, left, to speak at a "Get Out The Vote" campaign rally in Norfolk, S.C., Monday, Feb. 29, 2016. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

You can call this a case of padding the Democrat voter rolls.


Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe on Friday announced that he had signed an executive order that effectively restores the civil rights, including the right to vote, of 206,000 felons, who have been banned from voting in the state since the Civil War.

“Today is a day in Virginia for celebration,” McAuliffe said in making his announcement in Richmond, noting that it was a priority for him as a gubernatorial candidate.

So while Republican governors are battling to maintain their citizens’ religious freedoms or to block government overreach and protect their women and children from obtrusive laws that allow predators into their private spaces, Terry McAuliffe is focusing on building the Democrat base.


“With this action, we will send a message to these 206,000 individuals and to the world that Virginia will no longer build barriers to the ballot box, we will break them down,” he said, adding that the state would send a “strong message that Virginia is a place where people make mistakes, they serve their time [and] are welcomed back as full members of our society, not second-class citizens who have to jump through all these hoops.”

While the intent sounds noble, the reality is closer to the dirty politics Democrats are so fond of. McAuliffe is a true Clintonista and to free this many new [presumed] Democrats into the voting pool months before an election is directly intended to tip the state in favor of the Democrat nominee.

“I have no idea how these men and women actually voted,” he said of people whose voting rights were previously restored, “But I do know that when they cast their ballot, they made an investment into the community where they lived and they took a step away from a difficult past toward a much brighter future.”

By “brighter future” he means for he and his Democrat colleagues. It’s the rest of us who will suffer from another self-serving Democrat’s executive order.

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